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Murf Baldwin breaks down Alabama offense vs Ole Miss

At least one side of the ball is executing flawlessly.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Mississippi Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Old friend Murf Baldwin has a solid YouTube channel for college football film work, and yesterday he dropped a breakdown of a few thinks that Alabama did well against Ole Miss.

Saban spoke about Georgia’s ability to “do more stuff” with his defense because of the wealth of experience they have on that side, and Steve Sarkisian enjoys the same luxury with this offense. You don’t pull a guard on a pass play unless you are certain that everyone will do their jobs.

That little RPO featuring an outside zone to Najee Harris paired with a sweep to Jaylen Waddle is absolutely lethal, and they even hit a big play in the passing game off of it. It’s tough to stop that play without having a numbers advantage in the box, and it’s tough to load the box with the threat of Alabama’s passing game. Execution was nearly perfect on offense against Ole Miss, and it will need to be this Saturday against Georgia.

Roll Tide.