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90 miles an hour, slidin’ on grease...

part-time punks
Sound Opinions

Hey, now, I know we’re all a little concerned about CNS not coaching during the game with the dwags this weekend, but let’s assume this is temporary and hope for the best, shall we? In the meantime, whip out that 10...or...well, you know what I mean. As always, be excellent to each other, and...PARTY ON, DUDES!

  1. takin’ a ride by the replacements
  2. when i win the lottery by camper van beethoven
  3. longer by lydia loveless
  4. creep by tlc
  5. hey ya by outkast
  6. the power of equality by red hot chili peppers
  7. high times by jamiroquai
  8. move the crowd by eric b. & rakim
  9. it be’s that way sometime by nina simone
  10. motherly love by the mothers of invention

bonus: toadies by minutemen

we are cusswords