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Who Needs a Blog Poll 2020: Week 7 — Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Kirby Smart has nightmares of DeVonta Smith

Georgia vs Alabama Photo by UA Athletics/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

When the Big 10 begins play this week, the WNABP will be shaken up a bit. But, they’re going to have to earn their way on to this hallowed ground. For now, as we do every year, we evaluate only the product before our eyes. Potential doesn’t matter when the rest of the nation has 4 or more games in pocket. So, if you want to wow us, Buckeyes, prove it.

And again, this is where we remind you that while there is some sort of power poll-ishness to the Blog Poll, this is not a power poll per se. Who you played and beat matters.

With that, here are our observations and our Top 25.

  • We at RBR are Coastal Carolina hipsters, being the only poll ranking the Chanticleers last week. All they did was go to Lafayette and outduel Ragin’ Cajuns, a feat that not even Iowa State could pull off at home. We were the first; we won’t be the last.
  • The Sun Belt is as awesome as it has ever been: App. State, UL-L, Coastal, Georgia State, Georgia Southern, and Ark. State are all quality midmajors. It’ll be a great race all year and must-see television.
  • The AAC is much as we have seen it of-late: UCF, Memphis, Cincinnati and SMU are your leaders. Navy has taken a step back, and UCF just isn’t what it was, so really, we’re looking at a three-team race; one where no one has much breathing room. Beware Tulsa, who can ruin seasons, guys.
  • Every week a new ACC team tries to step up and prove the cofnerence is worth a damn...and every week they have fallen flat. This is an almost 30-year phenomenon now, dating back to FSU and the 11 dwarves. Substitute Clemson, and not much has changed. Even decent teams fell flat this week: NCSU, BC, and Pitt were among the squads to gack away games badly. Two weeks ago it was Miami; this week was UNC. No one is quite ready for prime time. I guess the next team we’ll hype to death is Virginia Tech.
  • Alabama’s defense may have found an identity on defense — all we have to hope is that opponents abandon the run, forget they have a tight end, kindly forget to keep throwing to running backs, and have a weak-armed quarterback! In the end, it may not matter though. This is the best offense in that nation, and has done the most damage of anyone to-date. Clemson won’t have a single win as good as the two Alabama has registered in the regular season. While I think CU could probably best ‘Bama if the game were played tomorrow, this is where the not-a-power-poll thing comes in. The Crimson Tide have the best resume...and the Heisman front-runner.
  • I love everything about BYU. Love, love, love this team. And, like Coastal, we have been stanning them since Week 1. This team is the New Year Six favorite and a dark horse playoff candidate if four strong teams can’t be found...and there may not be four by year’s end, honestly.
  • I am increasingly hating everything about Notre Dame’s offense. 12 points against Luhvl? Gross. I would be willing to give them a mulligan, but this is two weeks in a row the Irish have looked terrible. And that team is not good enough to just turn it on at least on that side of the ball.
NCAA Football: Auburn at Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
  • I did not drop Georgia one bit. Know why? Look at the 22 teams below them and tell me a team you know that could beat the ‘Dawgs? The two above them? Sure. The rest? Nah. Todd Monken abandoned the run the moment Alabama got the lead, and cost the Dawgs a chance at that game. Alabama still hadn’t figured it out up front against the run. Assist to more poor Georgia coaching for another Tide win! This is becoming something of a habit.
  • Yes, I ranked Arkansas. What Pittman is doing is not illusory. They are sound up front, they force mistakes, they capitalize on them, and they should be 3-1.
  • Beware Kentucky. If the Wildcats get the passing support, this team can be trouble to the Dawgs/Gators hegemony. They love forcing turnovers.
  • There’s not an elite team in the Big 12 this year (aside from perhaps healthy Oklahoma State), at least for now. But there are several quality teams, and what has been interesting to observe is how they’re doing it: Baylor, Kansas State, West Virginia, Iowa State, and Okie Lite are keyed by defenses rather than high-powered offenses. Even OU worked over Texas by winning the battles up front. Sure, there are great individual players — KSU’s Skylar Thompson and ISU’s Brock Purdy need more love — but it’s not the insane shootout every game we’ve come to expect the last two decades. No, that distinction (ignominy?) belongs to the SEC.
  • Speaking of the SEC, there are some tremendously bad quarterbacks this year. Kyle Trask and Mac Jones are legit. Who knows about Myles Brennan yet. Feleipe Franks is having a nice little turnaround in Fayetteville, but he’s still just a guy. Connor Bazelak may get there (and sooner rather than later), but he’s still a baby. Matt Coral plays elite one week and then falls apart the next. But does anyelse in this conference scare a non-Golding defense? Bo Nix? Jarrett Guarantano? J.T. Shrout? Joey Gatewood? Terry Wilson? K.J. Costello? ad infinitum.
    Sooooo much ass.
  • Finally, it’s not often we circle a C-USA game as must-see television, but when UAB and Marshall play in the title game, get to a sports bar. That’ll be a helluva’ game.

Without further ado, here is Week 7’s Blog Poll. Feel free to praise me effusively below. I also accept PayPal if you’re the shy sort and uneasy about having a public fanboy moment.

Blog Poll 2020: Week 7

1 Alabama 2
2 Clemson 1
3 Georgia 3
4 BYU 6
5 Notre Dame 4
6 Okie State 7
7 Texas A&M 13
8 Florida 8
9 Cincinnati 9
10 Iowa State 10
11 Kansas State 12
12 Miami 20
13 Baylor 15
14 SMU 14
15 Memphis 18
16 UNC 5
17 Army 17
18 Coastal Carolina 23
19 West Virginia 19
20 UAB --
21 Marshall --
22 Arkansas --
23 App. State --
24 Virginia Tech --
25 Oklahoma --
OUTTA' HERE Barn, Vols, UCF, NCSU and a bunch more
CONSIDERED No one else