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can you dig it?

c. the elephant, be the elephant
the Music Junkie

Salutations, my fellow audiophiles! ‘Twas a nice rout of the New Miss Tigers last Saturday, no? Takest thou ten tantalizing tunes to turn towards Texas A&M today? Please provide them for our perusal (and note that we prefer to RAWK, even if your chosen device doesn’t). Then simply remember to BE EXCELLENT to each other, and...PARTY ON, DUDES!

  1. around my head by cage the elephant
  2. waitin’ around to die by townes van zandt
  3. baby i’m a star by prince
  4. 2cv by lloyd cole & the commotions
  5. ashes in the fall by rage against the machine
  6. left of the dial by the replacements
  7. k.b.’s alley by digable planets
  8. here comes a regular by the replacements
  9. to love somebody by nina simone
  10. list of demands (reparations) by saul williams
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