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Adam Schefter reporting.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Throw out the record book, one that Tua himself largely rewrote, and get ready for a new era with new stats, one in a Miami Dolphins uniform:

Career Starts: 0
Career Appearances: 1
Career Stat: 2-of-2, 11 yards

And with that, the Fish have seen enough.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter today is reporting that the ‘Fins have named Tua Tagovailoa the starting quarterback, relegating the still-effective Ryan Fitzpatrick the bench.

Perhaps pressured externally somewhat by the relative successes of Justin Herbert with the Chargers and Joe Burrow in Cincinnati, Head Coach Brian Flores is pulling the trigger. There is no better way to learn than by taking your lumps — ask Peyton Manning what those first two or three seasons can look like.

And, in some ways this is a surprise. The Dolphins have been highly competitive this season. They are playing .500 ball and sit at 2nd place in the AFC East, just one game behind the Bufallo Bills. Coach Flores has also said that he was not going to run Tua out on the field until he thought No. 13 No. 1 was ready to be an NFL starter. And, lastly, Fitzpatrick has been very effective in his role as journeyman and mentor. The 17th-year vet has gone 138 for 197 (70.05%), for 1535 yars (7.8 YPA) with 10 scores and 7 picks.

But, whatever the reason, don’t expect the Beard to be anything other than the awesome dude and supportive teammate he’s been so far.

All Crimson eyes now turn towards South Beach on Sundays, and he’ll have no more fervent fans than Alabama partisans.

Give ‘em hell, Tua

Roll Tide