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Alabama vs Tennessee Football: Second Half Open Thread

28-10 at the half in a weird game

Georgia vs Alabama Photo by UA Athletics/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

The big news in this game was Jaylen Waddle twisting his ankle on the opening kick off and immediately getting carted to the locker room. He’s since been shipped off to the hospital, and it sounds like his season is over.

Alabama’s offense has been great yet again, particularly on the ground. Najee Harris and Brian Robinson have been pretty much unstoppable, while John Metchie has been catching deep shots in double coverage all game long. Even Waddle’s replacement, Slade Bolden, has over 80 yards in his first time getting real starting work as a wide receiver in his career.

The Alabama defense has been a little spotty, though. They started hot, forcing back to back three and outs, but then gave up a couple of long drives for a field goal and a deep ball touchdown where Jordan Battle got toasted. The defensive line has been getting gashed for 10 yards runs up the middle all game long.

They did force another 3 and out to end the half though.

Also of note is that Miller Forristall appeared to injure his wrist or shoulder, Deonte Brown missed the last two drives for some unknown reason, and both Najee Harris and Devonta Smith showed some minor signs of injury on the final few plays.

Here’s to hoping Alabama doesn’t wind up with their entire offense injured in one game.