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seekin’ shelter from the storm...

willy and the poor boys
Pancakes and Whiskey

Happy birthday eve to CNS, and happy Friday to you. I have a feeling that mask-wearing will be at an all-time high tomorrow night, don’t you? While we’re waiting for the horror show that Mac and the boys plan to unleash on MSU, why don’t you whip out your 10 and slap it on down in the comments. And as always, be excellent to each other, and...PARTY ON, DUDES!

  1. who’ll stop the rain by creedence clearwater revival
  2. d.b. cooper by todd snider
  3. sunday bloody sunday by saul williams
  4. something to believe in by young the giant
  5. mom & dad by the mothers of invention
  6. something in the way by nirvana
  7. color me impressed by the replacements
  8. life’s a gas by t. rex
  9. don’t need it by seratones
  10. tainted love by soft cell
now i know i’ve got to...