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Get 20% off Homefield’s New Bama Collection

Want some unique Bama gear? You’ve found it.

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Roll Bama Roll and collegiate apparel brand Homefield are excited to announce a new partnership, just in time for Homefield’s launch of their vintage Alabama apparel collection today.

Homefield dug through the Alabama archives to create unique, thoughtful Crimson Tide designs, and printed them on the most comfortable hoodies and tees you’ll ever own.

You can shop for your new favorite Bama gear today and get 20% off your first Homefield purchase with ‘RBR’ at checkout.


As I’ve mentioned before, we will only promote something on here that is worthwhile. Homefield has launched a few college brands already, and the product has been extremely well received. It is indeed unique, and especially resonates with Alabama fans as we love our history. Should make for outstanding holiday gift giving as well.

Roll Tide.