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not perfect grammar, always perfect timing...

pardon the dust, brothers
Classic Album Sundays

Welcome, warriors, to another wacky week of 2020, featuring fly guy Mike Pence (short for Mechanical Pencil) and Delta’s dawn (which we hope we’ll go on out with a whimper). Anyway, here’s where we come to forget about life for a while and throw our random RAWK ‘round the room. So y’all drop yours below, be excellent to each other, and...PARTY ON, DUDES!

  1. 3-minute rule by beastie boys
  2. listen by generation x
  3. bury a friend by billie eilish
  4. june by camper van beethoven
  5. gone fishin’ by louis armstrong & bing crosby
  6. sunny skies by james taylor
  7. we’re comin’ out by the replacements
  8. something like that by n.w.a.
  9. nowhere man by the beatles
  10. you’ve got time by regina spektor

bonus: drinkin’ problem by midland (funny & twisted ‘70’s-style country throwback)

i call it a solution
the reviews are in