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Updated: Alabama to build a new basketball arena after all?

Could it be that the investment will finally be made into the hoops program?

NCAA Basketball: South Carolina at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Brown broke some huge news on WJOX this morning.

There was some disappointment when The Crimson Standard included plans to remodel Coleman rather than build new. Needless to say, this would set off a celebration among Alabama fans who have felt for years that the basketball program lacked the necessary investment to get to the next level. Nate Oats has been killing it on the recruiting trail, including what may well end up as a top 3 class in the 2021 cycle.

All of the chips seem to be falling in place for the basketball program to become a national power. A modern arena would go a long way toward making that dream a reality.

Roll Tide.

Update: Greg Byrne threw a bit of water on this report.

Update 2: Ryan Brown tweeted a bit of damage control.