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give us time to work it out...

byrne unit

Happy Friday the 13th, dear victims! 2020 has stricken the LSU football squad, so here we are on our road to nowhere Saturday. Might as well RAWK our way through, no? Drop your tunes below, be excellent to each other, and...PARTY ON, DUDES!

  1. road to nowhere by talking heads
  2. good luck charm by elvis presley
  3. alabama song by the doors
  4. sweetest thing by lauryn hill
  5. honeysuckle blue by drivin’ n’ cryin’
  6. kids don’t follow by the replacements
  7. memories can’t wait by talking heads
  8. house of glass by cage the elephant
  9. a boy named sue by johnny cash
  10. dirt by the stooges
just a burning...inside...