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Jumbo Package: Saban speaks about the extended break, Kyle Trask and Mac Jones lead for Heisman

Your latest Crimson Tide news and notes.

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Happy Tuesday, everyone. Nick Saban spoke to media as usual on Monday, and the key concern is how the team is handling the long layoff and uncertainty.

“So we’ve practiced just about as much as it would have been if we were in the 11th game of the season,” Saban said. “So I think physically we’ve been able to take care of our players. I think psychologically is the real challenge for them to be able to stay focused on the things they need to do to continue to improve and to play at a high level, especially when we’re basically halfway through the season.”

For the most part, though he’s never experienced a break like that, Dale said this team handled a second straight idle Saturday well.

“It wasn’t that hard,” he said.

I doubt it will be of much concern against Kentucky.

Nick also spoke about Tua Tagovailoa, and never passes up an opportunity to recruit.

“I thought he played really well,” Saban said Monday. “I was really proud of him. Made some really good throws. Led the team to victory. Moving them down the field, answered the bell when they needed to in the fourth quarter.

“Always makes me proud for every player we have in the NFL to see them do well and that’s what the program’s all about: trying to help these guys improve and fulfill their dreams of what they want to do in the future on and off the field. It’s always very self-fulfilling to see guys having success doing that.”

Roll Tide, Tua.

Greg Byrne is very much hoping to play LSU.

“I know there is a goal to play a 10-game season and if we’re fortunate enough to keep moving forward — which that is what we want to do, and we’re very focused on that — I think that there would be the opportunity sometime before the end of the season and Dec. 19, which is the SEC championship,” he said. “Which, we got to take care of business this week against Kentucky and not get the cart ahead of the horse, but there could be another game on the 12th and I know there’s discussion about games on the 19th as well — Dec. 19, the same day as the SEC championship. So my conversation with the conference and my peers is just doing everything we can to continue to move forward.”

I don’t see it happening.

Last, Mac is still in the Heisman race, but Kyle Trask may be the favorite.

2. Mac Jones, QB, Alabama

Total points: 46 (first-place votes: 2)

Notable: Jones and Alabama had their game against LSU postponed because of COVID-19, which means Jones hasn’t played the last two weekends. Still, his résumé to this point remains impressive — 16 TDs, just two interceptions and more than 2,000 yards passing.

Quotable: ”He just keeps improving. I have been so impressed by his deep-ball accuracy and ability to stand in the pocket and make throws under pressure. I didn’t see him as a potential first-round pick last year when he took over after Tua Tagovailoa’s injury, but he has made his case so far through six games.” — Mel Kiper

Mac still has the best betting odds according to the article. All who had Kyle Trask and Mac Jones atop the Heisman list before the season, raise your hands. Liars.

That’s about it for now. Have a great day.

Roll Tide.