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Saban has the ‘Rona, won’t coach vs Auburn

It’s Steve Sarkisian’s show on Saturday. No, really this time.

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Alabama The Montgomery Advertiser-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Saban has once again tested positive for coronavirus, but this time there will be no testing out to get onto the field.

As expected, it will be Steve Sarkisian running the show.

The main concern, of course, is Nick’s health, but he should be fine. While his age puts him in a somewhat higher risk category, his general good health will help him. It’s great to hear that his symptoms are mild. Hopefully it stays that way.

From a team perspective, as I said last time, I don’t expect a lot to change on the field. While there will always be some concern about a coordinator picking up extra duties on the fly, this veteran group of assistants should function just fine for a game. In fact, this game may well serve as something of an audition for Steve, who will be on the short list for any major opening this offseason. I fully expect the players to be extra motivated to play well for Nick, which certainly can’t hurt.


Roll Tide.