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Alabama Football vs Auburn: Second Half Open Thread

21-3 at the half

Auburn vs Alabama Photo by UA Athletics/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

How about that? The Alabama defense was absolutely phenomenal in the first half, with nearly 13 of their 150 total yards coming in the final drive... Which ended in a brilliant interception by Malachi Moore.

The Alabama offense has made some big plays, but they’ve also had some struggles sustaining drives, as Auburn keyed in on making sure Najee Harris didn’t have any room to run. As such, they’ve been vulnerable to the deep ball.

21-3 is a nice lead, but nowhere near enough for me to start feeling comfortable just yet. Auburn hasn’t showed many signs of life so far, but they should have had a TD at the end of the half when the Alabama safety Daniel Wright bit on a double move, but Seth Williams dropped the wide open catch.

Alabama gets the ball to start the second half. Roll Tide!