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well, i don’t care about history...

we’re not students, we’re the ramones!
Wexner Center for the Arts

Rise & shine, fine people of the USA! We’re ready to see that 10 you’ve been dying to show us. So RAWK on, have a great day, be excellent to each other, and...PARTY ON, DUDES!

  1. rock & roll high school by the ramones
  2. awaken by yes
  3. panama by van halen
  4. stay with me by faces
  5. ziggy stardust (live) by david bowie
  6. won’t get fooled again by the who
  7. she sells sanctuary by the cult
  8. don’t change by inxs
  9. candy by iggy pop (feat. kate pierson)
  10. stacy’s mom by fountains of wayne
stacy’s mom