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Alabama Football vs Arkansas: Second Half Open Thread

Alabama goes into halftime with a comfortable 35 point lead

Alabama v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Alabama started slow, giving up a couple of long drives on defense (though they eventually held tight both times) and only got one field goal on offense after Najee Harris slipped multiple times trying to convert in short yardage.

A punt return for a touchdown from Devonta Smith woke the Tide up, though, and the offense rattled off 28 straight points while Arkansas got a net negative in yards for much of the half after that. The Tide racked up a bunch of stat-padding sacks, and Brian Robinson got some significant playing time and a couple of touchdowns.

Arkansas has played with two or three deep safeties all game, and Alabama adjusted the offense away from trying deep shots, instead being patient and happy to keep tossing checkdowns to Miller Forristall to rattle off a bunch of extremely long drives.

This offense can truly execute any game plan they want depending on the opponent, and that's turned them into an absolutely unstoppable unit.

The second half is gonna be a whole lot of back ups and clock killing as Alabama tries not to add any more injuries. Linebacker Christian Harris hurt his shoulder on the first play of the game, and Landon Dickerson missed a few plays to wrap up his arm.