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...mama’s cooking chicken and collard greens...

Christmas Carolers

Merry Christmas and Roll Tide to you and yours. 2020 has been... something not fit for a family blawg. So, let’s just count our blessings, be excellent to each other, and... PARTY ON, DUDES!

1. christmas in hollis by run dmc

2. merry christmas (i don’t want to fight tonight) by the ramones

3. christmas wrapping by the waitresses

4. little drummer boy (peace on earth) by david bowie and bing crosby

5. father christmas by the kinks

6. hey santa by u.k. subs

7. little drummer boy by joan jett and the blackhearts

8. feliz navidad by voodoo glow skulls

9. the christmas song by the raveonettes

10. white christmas by iggy pop