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Third College Football Playoff Rankings Released

No change in the Top 6.

The College Football Playoff Committee released their third poll. Many story lines surround this edition after the top 3.

Ohio State stays at #4 even with their five wins and current disqualification from the B1GCG. With the cancellation of Ohio State-Michigan reported only a few hours ago, it would make sense that the Committee already had their poll prepared and were not going to go back into the board room and mull the issue more. In reality, most of the members were probably already heading home when the news broke.

We may not even be having this conversation if Texas A&M had played Ole Miss this weekend and won in impressive manner.

Iowa State jumped up to #7 for some reason. West Virigina stink on the road (0-4).

Cincinnati dropped one spot to #8. This dip was probably due to Memphis losing to Tulane. There are not too many highlights on the Bearcats’ resume right now.

UGA fell a notch too. LOL

What do you think?

  1. Alabama
  2. Notre Dame
  3. Clemson
  4. Ohio State
  5. Texas A&M
  6. Florida
  7. Iowa State
  8. Cincinnati
  9. Georgia
  10. Miami
  11. Oklahoma
  12. Indiana
  13. Coastal Carolina
  14. Northwestern
  15. Southern Cal
  16. Iowa
  17. North Carolina
  18. BYU
  19. La-Laf
  20. Texas
  21. Colorado
  22. Oklahoma State
  23. NC State
  24. Tulsa
  25. Missouri