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Trashy Auburn fans pile on Jahvon Quinerly for praising his teammate

Never change, Auburn.

NCAA Basketball: Louisiana State at Auburn Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

After Wednesday’s hard fought loss in Auburn, Jahvon Quinerly took to Twitter to recognize teammate Herb Jones for inspiring the team by playing with a cast on his wrist. It was a nice gesture.

Is Jahvon biased? Of course he is. He works alongside Herb every day, and Nate Oats has these guys pushing to make each other better. Herb is known for his defensive prowess and Quinerly was merely supporting his teammate. You may note that he said absolutely nothing about the opponent.

Did that stop the Auburn critters from getting all defensive and popping off? Of course not.

First, they had to throw their own candidate into that “best defender in the SEC” mix.

For those counting at home, Herb has a slightly better defensive plus/minus and rating this season than Isaac. Okoro is a very good defender, but last I checked, Quinerly doesn’t get to hand out the actual awards. He was merely giving his own opinion about his teammate’s effort.

Not to be outdone, this next knucklehead decided to TALK TRASH about the team records.

Quinerly pointed out that Auburn happens to be one of those meager 13 wins, as if that has anything to do with Herb being a great defender.

A couple of Auburn fans noted that Herb fouled out, which of course means that he couldn’t have played great defense.

Poor Caleb may be unaware that paraplegics do, in fact, play basketball which includes defense, and at Alabama they do it particularly well. In fact, the ladies are 21-0 this season. Both the men and the women are defending national champions and both beat Auburn this season, for what that’s worth.

Last, this lovely Barner has decided that Quinerly, ostensibly unlike himself, is unqualified to speak on such matters.

Well, playing for Villanova then Alabama is in fact Jahvon’s career path thus far. I wonder how many athletic scholarships cmas1616 was offered at either school, or any other for that matter?

It’s quite sad to see fans in the midst of one of the best seasons in their program’s history be so defensive that they feel the need to talk smack to a player who said absolutely nothing about their team. I guess Auburn folk will always be a special breed.

Roll Tide.