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Alabama Football Film Room: Josh Jobe in prime position to earn starting job in 2020

The physical Jobe could feature heavily in a revamped defense.

NCAA Football: Citrus Bowl-Michigan vs Alabama Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Jobe had an interesting season. He opened the season against Duke as a starter — after a solid A-Day — and closed the season against Michigan as a starter, but he didn’t have a single start in between.

That could change in 2020. With most of the starting secondary from 2019 gone and those two starts under his belt, Jobe is in prime position to earn a regular starting job.

1st and 10: Michigan goes right at Jobe (#28), who’s one-on-one with the receiver, Nico Collins, at the top of the screen. Unfortunately we’re not able to see a good chunk of the play because of the camera (oh, for All-22 footage). When the two do come back into view, Collins has a step on Jobe. Jobe, however, doesn’t give up; and he’s able to stay close and help prevent the completion.

3rd and 8: Jobe is again at the top. Nico Collins releases to the outside, and Jobe reaches out to get a hand on him after a couple steps. The receiver swats Jobe’s hand away and starts getting by, so Jobe tries to slow him by getting both hands on him. The receiver beats Jobe anyway, but QB Shea Patterson overthrows it. Jobe did disrupt the timing, but he got beat nonetheless.

1st and 10: Jobe is near the bottom of the screen this time. He drops back a few steps on the snap before reading run and moving back towards the line. The running back takes it around the edge, and it’s just him and Jobe in the open field. And Jobe makes an excellent tackle to stop what could have gone for a first down.

1st and 10: Jobe is at the bottom again, matched up against Nico Collins again. Jobe rides Collins downfield before we lose sight of them. Raekwon Davis (#99) flushes Patterson out of the pocket. Patterson risks a throw while scrambling and launches a ball over Xavier McKinney’s (#15) head to his tight end. Jobe comes up and plays the ball well, getting both hands on it; but the tight end does a nice job of playing defense and breaks up the interception.