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Alabama Crimson Tide to Host Gumpsgiving this Weekend in Tuscaloosa

The first annual Bama sports fan fest will begin Friday.

tide fans
Get your Gump on!

Every four years, an extra day is added to the calendar on February 29 to adjust for the crazy way this big blue marble slings itself around that ball of fire in the sky.

In reverence to friend of RollBamaRoll @BamaProUpdates, Saturday the 29th has been declared “Gumpsgiving”.

In fact, the whole weekend is a celebration of everything Gump. The University of Alabama has kindly lined up several Alabama sporting events for fans to attend this weekend.


Friday, Feb 28
3pm Baseball vs Harvard
4pm Softball vs UT Arlington
5pm Women’s Tennis vs Florida
6pm Softball vs #4 Arizona
7:15pm Gymnastics vs Kentucky “BAMA SALUTE”

Saturday, Feb 29
9am Rowing vs Eastern Michigan / Southern Methodist
1:30pm Softball vs UT Arlington
2pm Baseball vs Harvard
4pm Softball vs #4 Arizona
7:30pm Men’s Basketball vs South Carolina

Sunday, Mar 1
10:30am Baseball vs Harvard
12pm Women’s Tennis vs South Carolina
12:40pm Women’s Basketball vs Missouri SENIOR DAY
1:30pm Softball vs McNeese
4pm Women’s Tennis vs Alcorn State


  1. Attend as many sporting events as you can and cheer the Crimson Tide to victory.
  2. No orange.



COSTUMES: The wearing of costumes is highly recommended. Come dressed as Forrest Gump in one of his many incarnations (or Bubba or Jenny, etc.). Other suggestions: Bear Bryant, Wimp Sanderson (plaid coat), Big Al, Bama cheerleader, Joe Namath, Ken Stabler, toilet paper & detergent box guys, nacho-eating guy...

FANDOM: Wear a white t-shirt and get as many athlete autographs as possible.

HASHTAG: Post your pictures to social media #Gumpsgiving.

+ See you in T-town this weekend and Happy Gumpsgiving. +