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Jumbo Package: Gump Day!

Non-NSD edition

NCAA Football: Alabama at Texas A&M John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

With today being National Signing Day, recruiting news is going to be the majority of our coverage, so I’ll keep this Jumbo Package brief. Go hang out on CB969’s open thread for all the newest updates in the recruiting world.

If you want other stories to peruse while waiting for the croots, I’ve got you covered.

And he’ll now — three years later — finally get his chance to play college football in the state of Alabama.

All of that came up during one of his dad’s recent trips to the barber shop.

Surrounded by some friends, he talked about his excitement for his son’s future at Alabama.

Talked about all of the obstacles from these past three years.

And talked about how crazy it is that if his son had simply remembered to take his calculator the day of the original ACT test, he’d be playing at South Alabama right now instead of for the Crimson Tide.

This is a really cool story on Alabama’s JUCO signee this year, Ronald Williams. It sounds to me like he has just the right amount of confidence that’s been honed and shaped over his years in JUCO that could lend to him becoming a major contributor for the Tide immediately.

ESPN college football analyst and former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy made his prediction for Alabama’s 2020 starting quarterback this week.

”It’s going to be difficult for the young quarterbacks to show enough in practice to overtake Jones, who played very well in the final few games of the 2019 season,” McElroy said this week in a wide-ranging interview with The Spun.

What would an offseason be without another QB controversy? Last year felt so... empty... with Tua Tagovailoa returning and all. And who more qualified to bloviate on the subject of Alabama QBs than GMac himself?

So, early it may be, but who you got right now?

“I can tell you things I need to improve on probably more than things I do well,” Tagovailoa said during an interview with CBS Sports HQ during Super Bowl week in Miami. “I’d say footwork and my reads, still. More so after, not pre-determining where I’m going with the ball. When the play is going, they show one thing and go into another, kind of deciphering now where I’m going to go with the ball in that sense. But you know, college is totally different from the NFL.

”What’s going to be best for me is, when I get settled with my team, just getting into the film room and asking questions, sitting down with the veteran guys and learning under them. I want to get a good spectrum of how things work in the NFL in terms of defenses, coverage and disguises. I know in the NFL they don’t run zone. It’s a lot of man and they’re blitzing you from all over.”

A nearly perfect college QB still accurately and honestly assessing what he needs to improve on? NFL GMs have to be salivating over that... and hoping other GMs will be scared off by his injury.

Jake Fromm couldn’t drag the Georgia offense out of the dark ages. Come to think of it, neither could a then-true freshman Justin Fields two years ago. But maybe Jamie Newman will do the trick. The Wake Forest transfer is the kind of dual-threat quarterback who might finally force Kirby Smart and his coaching staff to take a second look at transitioning to more wide-open spread concepts. As with LSU a year ago, there’s the sense that a more modern offense could be the key to unlocking Georgia’s full potential. But as with LSU in the long slog before Joe Brady’s arrival, no one is sure when that change will actually happen

ESPN’s got a nice piece with a quick preview of the state of each of the top 25 teams heading in to next season, if you’re into those surface level lists. I mostly just wanted to highlight their blurb on Georgia.

Spoiler: Newman isn’t “unlocking their true potential”

And that’s really it for non-NSD stories out there. Enjoy the recruiting coverage today. Roll Tide!