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Alabama football Class of 2020 recruiting map: Updated with Javon Baker, Jamil Burroughs, and Damieon George

Alabama added three players on the Late Signing Day.

No Hawaii this year...

“Limited Edition Signing Day,” as Nick Saban called it, was a relatively boring affair for Alabama fans.

The Tide entered the Late Signing Day (or National Signing Day or whatever you want to call it) with 22 players already signed from the Early Signing Period. Bama had another three players committed (I’m not counting Jayson Jones in that number since everyone knew he wasn’t going to Tuscaloosa): Javon Baker, Jamil Burroughs, and Damieon George.

All three got the greenlight and stuck with their pledges. Baker and Burroughs both attend the same high school (which certainly made an already easy job of updating the map even easier), and they were signed by 7am CT. George officially joined hours later.

Alabama’s class ranks #2 in the nation (with the highest average rating per recruit), landed what may be the quarterback of the future, and brought in an impressive haul in the front seven.

You can check the interactive map here.

Final state breakdown:

  • Alabama: 8
  • Georgia: 5
  • Texas: 3
  • Florida: 3
  • California: 2
  • Louisiana: 2
  • Maryland: 1
  • Ohio: 1