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‘Bama players have had a busy week of getting P-A-I-D


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Yesterday was quite a day for former Crimson Tide players. With the new CBA in effect, teams went on a spending orgy...

Cooper was the most notable of the bunch, becoming the first Alabama player to ink a $100-million contract. Interestingly, Cooper turned down quite a few squads who were willing to make him even more obscenely wealth.

The day after Ryan Taneyhill’s ludicrous contract, the Titans cheaped out and slapped the franchise tag on the player who made the Titan’s passing game — nay, entire offense — seem competent. Pretty crappy to do that to running backs. There simply has to be greater flexibility in the franchise designation for this position which has by far the shortest shelf life of any in the NFL. And now, Henry is relegated to working below-market for another full season.

I actually had to ask about what the Transition Tag was. It’s kind of simple, but with a goofy name.

A transition tag is a tool used by National Football League teams to retain unrestricted free agents. It guarantees the original club the right of first refusal to match any offer the player may make with another team.

Not sure why they don’t just call it a contractual ROFR, or, as they do in the NHL/NBA “a tender offer” that teams can match. Transition implies the player is doing just that — transitioning. In any event, Drake is asking for a contract in the neighborhood of $8-$10 million per.

Nothing else to add here. Tom covered this one perfectly. Reed will still be in his peak earning years when he enters free agency again.

WOMP WOMP. It’s not that the Steelers didn’t like Barron, they did. But he’s also 1. asking too much, and 2. is an aging player being overtaken by younger positionless players who are, frankly, a bit more dynamic at this stage of their career. And specifically for the Steelers, the emergence of Devin Bush spelled doom for his time there.

My man has it all figured out. AJ may start 3-4 games in his entire career. He doesn’t take hits. No wear-and-tear on the body. He’ll walk away from the game a wealthy man and one that can walk and know how to spell his name.

The secret to life is this: be just good enough to where you can start at quarterback in an emergency, but not so good that fans and owners are clamoring to get you on the field. AJ joins Chase Daniel, Frank Reich, and Josh McCown in this legendary pantheon.

Live your best life, bro.

And, finally, no link, but despite some signings by the Bills over the past two days (including splashy ones like Stefon Diggs and Josh Norman,) Buffalo did tender offers to Levi Wallace and Robert Foster, and both signed. Huzzah. Get paid, you undrafted free agent dreamers, you.