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Betting Lines for Four Alabama Football Games

Las Vegas weighs in on Alabama, UGA, Clemson, Sooners, Buckeyes and more

Super Bowl 50 Proposition Bets At The Westgate Las Vegas Race & Sports SuperBook Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

With the reports of Tom Hanks walking around aw-shucksing like nothing ever happened, I am going to make a leap of faith that this whole thing blows over and will be a footnote come August. Thus, the 2020 college football season will be allowed to kickoff on time and without a hitch. Right?

To prepare you for that scenario, Bovada and FOX Bet* have been kind enough to set a few early line spreads on games for the impending season, including four Alabama games.

The team with the negative number next to it is the favorite. The number itself is the points the sportsbooks believe that team will win by. Unless marked with “Fox”, these numbers come from Bovada.

Aug 29:

Navy vs Notre Dame (-14) - Played in Dublin, Ireland as the first game of the season. The spread looks about right but it won’t be easy for the Irish.

Sept 3:

BYU at Utah (-4.5) - Spread opened at -6.5. I’m thinking the Utes take this one big, but you never know with the schizo Coogs.

Sept 5:

Southern Cal vs ALABAMA (-16) - Played in Arlington, TX. This is a tricky one. Spring games would’ve helped get a better feel for these two teams.

Michigan (-1) at Washington - With the game in Seattle, this one is a bit of a surprise. Both teams will be breaking in new quarterbacks. Losing this one might put an end to Coach Khaki Pants’ reign in Ann Arbor.


Sept 12:

Ohio State (-6.5) at Oregon - Justin Fields vs ???

Texas at LSU (Bov: -5.5; Fox: -6.5) - When is Tejas finally getting “back”?

Louisville at Clemson (-23.5) - Gawd, I hope not.

Tennessee at Oklahoma (Fox: -7) - Lotta love for the Vols.

Sept 19:

Georgia at ALABAMA (Bov: -7.5; Fox: -4.5) - I wonder if special teams will factor in?

Sept 26:

Cincinnati at Nebraska (-4) - How funny would it be to see Cincy win this one?

Wisconsin at Michigan (-3.5)

Oct 2:

Southern Cal at Utah (-1.5)

Oct 3:

Penn State at Michigan (-3.5)

Baylor at Oklahoma (-13.5) - Not much faith in Dave Aranda.

Notre Dame at Wisconsin (-1.5) - At Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI. Wisky is 1-0 in this stadium. Remember this?

Oct 17:

Texas A&M at Auburn (Fox: -3.5)

Oct 10:

Auburn at Georgia (Bov: -4.5; Fox: -3.5)

Minnesota at Wisconsin (-9.5)

Texas at Oklahoma (-3.5)

LSU at Florida (Bov: -1.5; Fox: -2)

Oct 31:

Georgia (Fox: -2) vs Florida - Neutral site, Jacksonville, FL.

Nov 7:

ALABAMA (Bov: -2.5) at LSU (Fox: -1) - A little difference of opinion here. Perhaps FOX Bet has not gotten a hold of the LSU offensive depth chart?

Southern Cal at Oregon (-4.5)

Clemson (-7.5) at Notre Dame - Clemmy’s one game season.

Nov 28:

Auburn at ALABAMA (Bov: -9.5; Fox: -7) - Very tempting...

Michigan at Ohio State (-8.5) - Poor L’il Khaki Pants.

Wisconsin (-2.5) at Iowa - Wisky has not lost in Iowa City since 2008.

LSU (Fox: -1) at Texas A&M

* FOX Bet is an online sports betting product developed through a partnership between The Stars Group Inc. and FOX Sports.