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Best of RBR: 30 Things to Love About Alabama: Goldie 1971 - The Fallen Robot

You don’t have to travel far to see this curiosity.

(“Goldie” is one of the funner pieces of public art displayed around the UA campus as well as a great place to get a humorous photo taken.)

WHO: “Goldie 1971” aka “The Fallen Robot” by former Alabama graduate student Joe McCreary.

WHAT: An art instillation depicting a futuristic/steampunk 23-foot long robot who appears to have run out of juice and collapsed lifeless to the ground, only to rust over. It is one of five public art installations in the quad. Goldie was created from scrap iron cast at the Sloss Furnaces.

WHERE: Woods Quad, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 on the campus of the University of Alabama, between the Gorgas Library and Ferguson Center. It rests on the northeast corner of the Woods Quad, in front of Woods Hall.

WHEN: The University bought the sculpture in 2010 and installed the three-ton titan as part of its permanent outdoor collection.

WHY: Created as a tribute to the workers of Sloss Furnaces who toiled at the plant until its closure in 1971. It is an excellent opportunity for a selfie. Check it out the next time you are on campus.