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Jumbo Package: Alabama poised to have the best offensive NFL Draft in 50 years

Your latest Crimson Tide news and notes.

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Happy Friday, everyone. With the NFL Draft next week, that’s about all the news there is. As expected with that ballyhooed 2017 class, Alabama is expected to have a historic first night.

Yet people still choose to play elsewhere. It defies logic.

Raekwon Davis is something of a wild card. Back during the season, he was routinely mocked in the first round. You don’t hear much talk in that direction nowadays, but he has been talking with quite a few teams.

Teams can speak to an unlimited number of prospects, up to three times per week for an hour per chat. And Alabama defensive tackle Raekwon Davis told #PFTPM on Thursday that he has heard from multiple teams on multiple occasions as the draft approaches.

According to Davis, the 49ers, Packers, Dolphins, Ravens, and Eagles have been in the most contact with Davis.

Landon Collins believes that Dwayne Haskins is the future in Washington and would prefer to pass on Tua.

“I love Tua, and I love Alabama guys,” Collins said during an appearance on ESPN’s “First Take” this week. “Definitely would be a great, great asset to our team. But like I said, we addressed a first-round draft-pick quarterback last year. I think Tua would be a great aspect to our team, but we already have one. I think we should keep the guy we have now. Put our eggs in that basket because, I mean, when he’s prepared and he knows what he has to do on the field, he’s gun-slinging it, he’s pushing the ball downfield, he’s making plays. From that standpoint, that’s how I see it.”

Nothing wrong with that, but way to clickbait the headline.

Interesting thought from draft analyst and former scout Daniel Jeremiah.

Social distancing is forcing teams to think for themselves. That is uncharted territory for that group.

Jeremiah also notes that the WR class is very strong

Fortunately, it doesn’t require a lot of brainpower to play the position.

Last, the social distancing draft still has strict sponsorship rules.

If an NFL draft prospect is drinking out of a soda can while being shown on the April 23-25 broadcast, it can’t be Coca-Cola. And if he’s eating candy, it can’t be a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

Those are only two of the rules on a long list of corporate do’s and don’ts the NFL has sent to draft prospects and their marketers ahead of the completely-virtual broadcast to ensure that its 50 official league sponsors and partners are protected and not ambushed by non-league partners on one of the biggest nights in sports.

According to the memo obtained by The Action Network, the NFL maintains that — although the players who will be featured on the telecast haven’t signed contracts — their appearance is property of the NFL.

“Do NOT have any products displaying brands or logos that have not been approved by the NFL within camera range of your feed for the NFL Draft broadcast,” the memo reads.

What a world.

That’s about it for today. Have a great weekend.

Roll Tide.