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Alabama Crimson Tide Softball 2012 World Series Game 3 Open Thread

Relive the glory of the Bama Team of the Decade.


The 2012 Crimson Tide softball team was a thing to behold. Power, pitching, speed, defense - they had it all. This team went 60–8 overall and 23–5 in the SEC. If you had not been a softball fan before their glorious run, you surely were after watching Game 3 of the Women’s College World Series against big bad Goliath Oklahoma. Monday night on the SEC Network at 6:30pm CT, you can relive the unforgettable “Rain Dance Game”.

This game had so much drama, twists and turns that it left you on the edge of your seat. The Tide’s World Series win was a game-changer in the world of college softball. It was the first win by an SEC team, breaking the stranglehold of the PAC-12/PAC-10 who had claimed 21 of the previous 24 championships among four different schools.

The Bama Team of the Decade boasted the Pitcher of the Decade Jackie Traina. Other Bama greats include Kayla Braud, Kaila Hunt, and Amanda Locke.

If you have never seen the game, this will be a new experience for you. Believe me, these girls will win your heart.

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