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Henry Ruggs Selected Twelfth Overall in 2020 NFL Draft

Alabama Crimson Tide wide receiver is headed to the Las Vegas Raiders. He is the third Alabama player drafted.

The first round of the 2020 NFL Draft is underway and already two former Crimson Tide players have been selected. Henry Ruggs III makes it three as the Las Vegas Raiders make him the 12th overall player drafted.

Moving out west into a brand new Las Vegas stadium, Ruggs will be the cornerstone of an offensive rebuild for the Black & Silver. Ironically, it was former Bama star Amari Cooper who the Raiders foolishly traded that triggered the implosion.

Ruggs will join a huddle with former Tide running back and the real Offensive Rookie of the Year Josh Jacobs. Offensive lineman Lester Cotton Sr. is also on the team.