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Terrell Lewis drafted #84 overall by Los Angeles Rams

The pass rusher went on Day Two.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Alabama Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Pass rush is extraordinarily valuable in the NFL, and the Los Angeles Rams boosted theirs with Terrell Lewis in the third round.

Lewis is one of the most talented defenders in this draft class, with a body that moves almost too explosively for someone of his size. At 6’5”, he has plenty of length to take on blocks and get his hands in the passing lane. He has elite bend and a great speed rush as well.

The concerns with Lewis are mostly health related. He missed a significant amount of time while in Tuscaloosa, and it was rumored that some teams removed him from their boards altogether as a result. He also needs some fundamental improvement, particularly an effective countermove.

The Rams are a solid franchise and playing next to Aaron Donald can only help free Lewis up on the outside. Best of luck to him in the City of Angels.

Roll Tide.