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Rex Ryan, bumbling loudmouth & poster child for inept nepotism, takes a personal shot at Amari Cooper

I want to fight Rex Ryan

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Biletnikoff. Don’t they give that to a really good wide receiver or something?

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Former-Alabama great and 2014 winner of the Biletnikoff Trophy, Amari Cooper, has had himself a nice little career getting off the ground. In his five seasons, he’s made the Pro Bowl four times — even last season, despite playing with a foot injury. In four seasons he’s been his team’s leading producer in either yards, catches, scores — or all of the above.

He has also proven to be an invaluable asset to the rather pedestrian Dak Prescott, providing two lethal weapons on the outside to go alongside the league’s best offensive line and one of its best running backs. Like the 90’s Dallas triplets of Irving, Aikman and Emmit, the hope is to keep Zeke, Coop and Dak as Cowboys to be the next generation of all-star trio (and, I note, not one of those guys is over age 25.).

Dak is working on getting paid at the moment — seeking well north of $33m per year. Zeke just signed a 6-year, $90 million deal last season, making him the highest paid running back in the NFL.

Now it’s Amari Cooper’s turn. And did the Cowboys ever come through — awarding Coop a 5-year, $100 million deal today. That puts him just behind Julio Jones in the salary race for highest-earning wideout, and $40 million of it is fully guaranteed.

Despite being thrust into a dysfunctional offense on a bad team for most of his career, and playing most of last season injured, the ‘Boys nevertheless feel that he is an investment in the future of the franchise — few players have his natural ability with the ball in the air or ability to adjust his route on the fly.

But, not all were happy with the news, including noted blowhard Rex Ryan.

Want to accuse Coop of occasionally getting the dropsies? Fine. Because, we all know he’s good for about one game (and sometimes in the end zone). But, the personal attack was simply beyond the pale.

Amari Cooper has received nothing but praise from those in the locker room. He wants to be in Dallas, and the Cowboys wanted him there. He is unfailingly humble, and usually reserved, quiet figure — even when setting a high bar or receiving individual accolades. His work ethic is becoming legendary, being mentioned alongside perhaps the greatest to ever play, Jerry Rice. And it says nothing of where Cooper came from, the rough ‘hood of Coconut Grove in Miami, where he had less than nothing on some days.

Personal criticism of anyone like that on national television is usually unwarranted. That it came from Exhibit A of the league’s nepotistic culture — that it slithered out of the acerbic loudmouth of a guy with a sub-.500 record — is just rich. And it is beyond hilarious that Rex F’n Ryan of all people should call anyone overrated and not worth their pay — since a players-only poll once voted Ryan the most overrated coach in the league.

Reflexive insults. Personal attacks. A 100% complete lack of self-awareness. A failson skating by on the merits of others, and given chance after chance because of who his daddy was — that guy is calling anyone a turd that is bad at their job.

Irony is dead, y’all.

But, at least everyone is in agreement that he should probably just shut his mouth for a change...unless it’s to apologize.