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Jumbo Package: Should Dan Marino offer his retired number to Tua Tagovailoa?

Your latest Crimson Tide news and notes.

Super Bowl XIX - Miami Dolphins vs San Francisco 49ers - January 20, 1985 Photo by Sylvia Allen/Getty Images

Happy Thursday, everyone. We have a few notes for you today, starting with the news that Galin Smith has decided to transfer. This shouldn’t be surprising in the least as his skill set doesn’t mesh all that well with Oats’ system, which requires bigs who can stretch out the defense with perimeter shooting. Galin brought effort every time he walked onto the court in Tuscaloosa, and we wish him the best.

You probably heard that the NCAA yesterday cleared the way for athletes to make money on their likenesses, in some form or fashion. As the resident lawya, Erik will be along later in the week to pick the thing apart as only he can, but this is a key bullet.

If the schools are going to be charged with determining what constitutes “abnormal payments” then this thing is a disaster from the jump. I don’t know where it lands, but it certainly sounds like something less than a free market.

Mike Bianchi believes that Dan Marino should offer his number to Tua.

Of course, Tua would never ask to wear No. 13 because he’s much too classy and humble for that. After the Dolphins took him with the fifth pick overall in the recently concluded NFL draft, Tua was asked about the No. 13 and he said, “I’m not too worried about what number I have. I understand No. 13 is retired, and it should be. Dan Marino, he’s the GOAT. He’s like the mayor out there and I have much respect for him.”

Marino is indeed the Dolphins’ GOAT (“Greatest Of All Time”), but wouldn’t it be amazing if he also became the franchise’s GOAT — the most “Gracious Of All Time.” Think about it: He would become a South Florida hero all over again if he held a big news conference and generously presented the No. 13 to Tua. (Good God, would I be a good PR guy or what?)

We all know about the number 13 and its reputation. We saw Tua’s star-crossed college career after 2nd and 26, and Marino famously set records while never winning a title.


Saban thinks the Raiders got a great one in Henry Ruggs.

“I think, first of all, you’re getting a great person,” Saban recently told “You’re getting a guy that’s has a great competitive character, really hard worker and a very, very explosive, talented guy. He’s got great hands, he’s got great speed. He’s a great special teams player, which is unusual sometimes for guys that play receiver. He’s a gunner, he can cover kickoffs and he’s got a lot of mental and physical toughness about him, relative to the position.

“So, I think he’s definitely what would you categorize as a speed receiver, a guy that can really get on top of people, a guy that’s great running straight-line routes. But he drops his weight and gets out of breaks pretty good, too. But I think what you’re getting is a really good person, a hard worker, somebody that’s going to be a good teammate that’s going to get along well with all the people that he plays with.”

Ruggs is probably going to be the top receiver in Las Vegas the first day he walks onto the field. Exciting times for him.

Lane Kiffin gave some insight into his recruiting strategy.

“You go play Alabama, and they have four offensive players in the first 15 picks of the draft,” said Kiffin, who coached in Tuscaloosa from 2014-2016.

“I called (Alabama offensive coordinator Steve) Sark(isian) and said, ‘Your son could have called plays last year with that roster.’ You know?”

But, back to the pitch:

“To recruit against them, it’s just like we went to Tennessee,” he said. “You’ve got to come in and say we’re starting something new. You want to come into the front of something, probably play a lot more as a freshman (as opposed) to going to one of those programs. Starts something special vs. coming to something already on top or on the way down.”

We don’t plan on being on the way down any time soon, Lane.

Last, a little quarantine humor for you. Anyone who is or has raised a teenager, particularly a teenage boy, can relate.


That’s about it for now. Have a great day.

Roll Tide.