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Jumbo Package: Nick Saban enters the digital age

Your latest Crimson Tide news and notes.

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College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Happy Thursday, everyone. If you are looking for some Alabama themed book suggestions while you are stuck in the house, has you covered with a comprehensive list.

The big news of the day is that Nick Saban has email.

We can only imagine Nick in front of that computer, because you know he won’t be looking at a phone.

Yeah, I know. Dude ain’t that funny. This one was pretty good though.

Cecil thinks Alabama has a 50/50 shot at key F/C grad transfer Jordan Bruner, from Yale.

Hope for the best. A skilled big who can shoot the three and pass the ball is always a plus.

A former NFL GM says some teams are sour on Tua’s medicals.

“He’s a really good player,” Lombardi said. “... I’m not disputing the evaluation. I’m saying that, if you’re picking a quarterback, it’s really hard to pick a good one. It’s even harder with a guy who can’t stay healthy. That’s my point. Two teams I’ve talked to have flunked him. They flunked him on not just the hip, but on the multitude of injuries. The risk far outweighs the reward.”

With all due respect, Mr. Lombardi, kindly kiss my ass.

Patrick Surtain II will have his opportunity to crack the top ten in next April’s draft.

When he does get tested, Surtain usually passes. Per Pro Football Focus, he has been one of the best deep-ball defenders in the nation over the past two seasons, allowing just five receptions on 24 pass attempts of more than 20 yards. In other words, quarterbacks try to throw over top of him roughly once per game, and they barely succeed 20 percent of the time.

With his size and surname, Surtain was basically built in a lab as a NFL CB. Hopefully he serves as that lockdown guy this season.

Last, Reuben is trending in the right direction on his return form injury.

On Foster, Rivera said: “He’s done a great job when I was around, when I was able to see him. It looked good. It looked like he was working his way back. And again, the one thing that we’re doing right now is we’re not counting on anybody yet because we haven’t had a chance to watch them. We don’t know, and that’s the hard part about right now: You just don’t know.”

That’s about it for now. Have a great day.

Roll Tide.