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‘Bama Merch from FOCO is here.

Everyday I’m bobblin’, bobblin’, bobblin’

One of SBN’s official partners, FOCO, has dropped two new pieces of ‘Bama merch this week — one whimsical, one practical. We’re not paid for this, and I’ve not gotten a chance to review them; just passing along some merch opportunities to you. (But I am gonna check out the HRIII swag, for real.)

Henry Ruggs III Bobblehead

These pimpalicious critters are $50 on the site. Shipping will happen no later than 8/24/2020, so you’ll have them by the time the NFL kicks off.

‘Rona Face Covering (three-pack)

Assuming the season has some fans in the stands, you can absolutely guarantee that face masks will be required for admission and attendance.

Beat the rush now with a three-pack of ‘Rona face masks. This is a really good deal; three-pack for $25.

Available on FOCO’s site, and these will ship very quickly — no later than June 22, 2020.

Go forth and consume!