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Roll ‘Bama Roll Haiku Contest: The End is Nigh Edition

Time to amuse ourselves!

2020 has been a helluva’ year, huh?

March Madness cancelled.
Playoff races in the NHL & NBA scuttled
No spring football or A-Day game
Promising baseball season was absolutely derailed
SECs and nationals were cancelled in Gymnastics
Our softball team was...well...they’re probably grateful for the cancellations
Global pandemic
Global recession
Over 40 million Americans without jobs
39% of the global supply chain shut down
52 confirmed volcanic eruptions — and a bunch in that worrisome Ring of Fire.
Far more major earthquakes — and a bunch in that worrisome Ring of Fire.
The worst plague of locusts in 30 years.
It’s an election year. Not sure if you’ve heard about that one or not.
Auburn is the defending Iron Bowl champ, and
LSU won a national title.

And it’s only May.

It’s almost enough to make a man paint lamb’s blood on the door just in case the Angel of Death decides to make an unexpected drive-by.

So, what are ya’ gonna’ do?
Like so many Americans that came before us, we’re going to spit in the face of doubt, uncertainty and fear. We’ll face it with our usual sense of humor.

Here’s your chance to tell the apocalypse hell to the naw.

And we shall do so by banging out our best haiku — anything about 2020 you want. Sports. The ‘Rona. The grimly hilarious irony that a lot of die-hard Alabama fans will find themselves voting for Tommy Tuberville. Whatever you want to write about: it’s a vast category.

The Top 3 submissions will receive a gift from Roll ‘Bama Roll. You pick one of ‘em, we’ll exercise editorial discretion on the others. The contest will be open for a week. We’ll close ‘er down on June 5th at 5:00 p.m. God’s Right and Proper Central Time. Submit as many as you want. Comment freely.

It’s not every year that the End is Nigh.

Get cracking.