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UPDATE: Nick Saban, Nate Oats issue statements on death of George Floyd

Consider his silence broken.

Protests Continue In St. Paul Over Death Of George Floyd Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Many around Alabama have been waiting to hear from Coach Saban since the onset of protests over the horrific killing of George Floyd. He issued a statement today, and also mentioned the recent shootings of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.

Football coaches are often given too much weight in our society, but in the diverse locker rooms they lead, important social conversations have to be had and navigated through. This is especially true in a college locker room, where unlike their pro counterparts very few enjoy the protection that wealth provides.

Opinions about every aspect of the history we are seeing unfold before us in the midst of a global pandemic are undoubtedly as diverse as the backgrounds of the folks who read this site.

Share your thoughts, but please be decent to one another. There are going to be some tough days ahead, but I hold onto the belief that we will make it through these storms and come out better for it.

Roll Tide.

UPDATE: Nate Oars has chimed in as well via Twitter: