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Alabama, Ohio State agree to home and home series in 2027 and 2028

Huge future matchups have been announced.


Huge news out of Tuscaloosa today, as Alabama and Ohio State have agreed to a home and home - for this decade, even!

“This series with Ohio State adds another outstanding non-conference opponent to our future football schedules,” said Alabama Director of Athletics Greg Byrne. “We are thrilled at the progress we’ve made in securing such quality home-and-homes that will provide tremendous opportunities for our team and an exciting game day atmosphere for our fans in the coming years.”

The first game will take place in Columbus on Sept. 18, 2027, with the Buckeyes coming to Tuscaloosa on Sept. 9, 2028. It is the first home-and-home meeting between OSU and Alabama.

Needless to say, an opening game between the two programs that have consistently recruited better than anyone else over the past decade would be earth shaking today. We don’t know that either or both programs will still be on top in seven years, but considering the rosters and recruiting momentum for 2021, it’s hard to believe that they won’t be. Those are going to be some hot tickets.

[ED.NOTE: Alabama hosts West Virginia in 2027 and travels to Notre Dame in 2028.]

Roll Tide.