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Alabama has a winning record against all but 19 active FBS teams

Future series already on the schedule give the Tide a chance to knock that number down.

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 05 AdvoCare Classic - Wisconsin v Alabama Photo by Ray Carlin/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Alabama has a losing record against 13 active FBS programs. They are:

  • Oklahoma (2-3-1)
  • TCU (2-3)
  • Louisiana Tech (2-3)
  • UCLA (1-2)
  • Notre Dame (2-5)
  • Boston College (1-3)
  • Texas (1-7-1)
  • Rice (0-3)
  • Utah (0-1)
  • UCF (0-1)
  • Oklahoma State (0-1)
  • Northern Illinois (0-1)
  • Minnesota (0-1)

It’s impressive that Alabama only has a losing record against just 13 teams. But, and I don’t know about you, that’s 13 teams too many for me.

Fortunately, Alabama has future series scheduled against three of these teams!

  • Texas - 2022, 2023
  • Notre Dame - 2028, 2029
  • Oklahoma - 2032, 2033

The road to even things up with - and eventually pass - Texas is a long one. Still, Alabama can chip away at that disgusting looking 1-7-1. And who knows? Maybe the Tide will see the Longhorns in the postseason a few times.

Alabama also cannot knock Notre Dame out of the column with the currently scheduled games, but they can get oh so close. A win or two over the Irish in the postseason in the meantime would go a long way.

The series against Oklahoma is the furthest away of the bunch, but it’s also the series that gives Alabama the chance to remove a program from the column without hoping for postseason match-ups. 2032 is a long way away, though; and Alabama has faced Oklahoma twice in the postseason in the last seven years. Maybe Alabama will already have a win or two over the Sooners by the time the two meet; but if they don’t, the possibility is at least on the horizon.

In addition to the 13 teams listed above, Alabama has an even record against these programs:

  • Wisconsin (1-1)
  • Syracuse (1-1)
  • Louisiana-Monroe (1-1)
  • Hawaii (1-1)
  • Cal (1-1)
  • Texas Tech (0-0)

That makes 19 teams that Alabama does not have a winning record against. And the Tide have series scheduled with a couple of these programs, too:

ULM - 2022, 2025

Wisconsin - 2024, 2025

We don’t even have to wait over a decade to knock a couple programs off the list here. Without relying on the postseason, Alabama can have a winning record against all but 17 FBS teams by just 2024.

Now, I know scheduling a series is a complicated matter, especially when you’re planning out into the 2030s; and there are certainly more considerations than this. But wouldn’t you like to see some match-ups to make this list smaller?

We have plenty of marquee match-ups on tap already, but the G5 games need to be filled in. So, Greg Byrne, please schedule some games against Louisiana Tech, Northern Illinois, Hawaii, etc. And, Greg, if you can work in some P5 contests against TCU, UCLA, Minnesota, etc., that would be great, too.