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Jumbo Package: Gump Day!

Alabama’s got an aspiring... heart surgeon...? In their incoming freshman class.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Alabama Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, in the year of 2020, all public entities are expected to give their official statements on events. So, to set the record straight, we at RBR* support anyone who wants to put pineapple on their pizza (encourage it, in fact), and also believe that anyone should be able to enjoy a steak at their preferred level of doneness.

*Well, me, at least. The rest of the staff were not consulted

Moving on, here’s an example of a college football program that may be about to face some issues of their own regarding the current U.S. events:

Former Clemson player details N-word incident at practice involving assistant coach

Hooo boy, grab your popcorn, Dabo is about to have some major media pressure to deal with. This could be an isolated, forgiven incident that passes over without a breeze. Or it could very well be the opening of some floodgates

Meanwhile, here’s a much more positive story about one of Alabama’s new recruits:

After undergoing knee surgery last year, Jase McClellan had an unusual request for his doctor.

Is there a video of the surgery?

If so, can I have a copy of it?

“I was like, ‘What!? Who asks that?’” his mother, Mia McClellan, recalled. “But that’s him.”

It’s not like his mom should have been surprised by the request.

Alabama’s freshman running back is a unique young man. And not just from a talent perspective.

I highly encourage you to read the whole article and get even more excited about Jase McClellan. The first year and a half as a biology major while also playing football is going to be tough. Those intro bio classes aren’t necessarily difficult in the problem-solving sense, but the sheer quantity of information you have to memorize is staggering.

Past that, though, the organic and biochem classes can be extremely rewarding when you figure out how the puzzle pieces all fit together.

Best of luck to Jase in his career endeavors!

Alabama Football: Georgia loss in T-Town will cause Bulldogs meltdown

Alabama football, at least in terms of Nick Saban is an anomaly. Every head coach, joining a new team is bestowed with a honeymoon period. During that period, abundant optimism often leads to unrealistic expectations. Rivals will be vanquished, old glories will be re-kindled, championships will be won.

Few coaches can match such lofty anticipation. Nick Saban, leading Alabama football to a National Championship in his year three was an anomaly. Four National Championships later, Nick Saban sprinted past honeymoon dreams to legendary status.

It’s not news or anything, but I enjoyed this bit from Bama Hammer solely for the fact that he gets to point out Kirby Smart’s failure to beat Nick Saban and Alabama hanging over his entire career at Georgia.

As Erik said yesterday:

Seriously though, on a very personal level, pretty please take precautions? I want to see Georgia get gut-stomped in BDS and Auburn rightly get thrashed.

The good news is, it looks like USC is planning to open classes in the fall. If all the Cal students are back in class, then I think the chances are pretty good that football we be a go.

Defensive lineman Damion Square is returning to the Los Angeles Chargers for the 2020 season, the Alabama alumnus announced on his Instagram account on Monday. For the second straight offseason, Square was an unrestricted free agent. And for the second straight offseason, he lingered for a while in free agency before returning to the Chargers. Last year, Square rejoined Los Angeles on May 13.

Man, good for Damion Square. So few players in the NFL ever make it past a rookie contract, particularly those that go undrafted in the first place. But the ever unheralded consistency of Square’s play has got him going into his 7th year getting paid at a professional level.

That’s all for today. All of the real news out there right now dwarfs our small attempts at blogging about sports here. So, go forth and do good in whatever community you may be in. Roll Tide!