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Herbert Jones is returning to Alabama basketball

Nate Oats will get his defensive stopper back for one more ride.

NCAA Basketball: South Carolina at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

When Herbert Jones entered the NBA Draft, most assumed that it was mostly about getting feedback from the pros and that he would likely return. He made that official today.

Herb is the best defensive player on the Alabama roster and one of the best in the country. He handles the ball reasonably well, though his bad wrist has led to too many turnovers and his shooting simply must improve if he is to play at the next level. Still, he brings a ton of energy to the floor for Nate Oats, locking up the other team’s best scorer, running the floor, taking charges and pulling down boards. He will be a key veteran leader on the 2020-21 squad.

Kira Lewis has already announced his intention to stay in the draft, and we now await word from John Petty. The deadline to withdraw has been extended indefinitely with the draft date up in the air, but one would assume that he would decide before school starts in August.

Stay tuned.

Roll Tide.