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Big Al Countdown to Kickoff Bobblehead

Another cool piece of merch

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We unearthed another new cool piece of merch for you guys — the Big Al Countdown to Kickoff Bobblehead.

There are plenty of websites and apps that give you the precise second when Crimson Tide football kicks off again. But, if you’re like me, there’s something defiantly old-school cool about going analogue in a digital era (Not only do I still wear wear wrist watches, I wear skeleton watches to observe the mechanical movement and go through the reassuring motion of winding it. FFS, I still have a straight razor, leather strop, soap mug, and badger brush for shaving.)

With just 67 days and change left until the season starts, you can get yours here from FOCO. They are accepting pre-orders, and it looks like they should arrive well before opening kick.

*This post is not a paid advertisement from Foco. We just occasionally stumble across cool stuff and share this.