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Jumbo Package: Alabama QBs, WRs get together for independent workouts

Your latest Crimson Tide news and notes.

NCAA Football: Alabama at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thursday, everyone. We open with news that Markail Benton has entered the transfer portal.

Crimson Tide linebacker Markail Benton, who was suspended from the team earlier in the offseason, went into the transfer portal Wednesday afternoon, has learned.

The former four-star recruit played in nine games for the Tide as a redshirt sophomore last season and finished the year with 19 tackles.

Benton hasn’t been on the roster since his suspension, so this doesn’t come as a surprise.

Alabama’s QBs and WRs got together on their own to work out on the band field.

Not sure how they were able to do this on campus before the SEC’s designated date of June 8, but we ain’t mad about it.

The WR position group looks to be in great shape. A four-wide set of Devonta Smith and John Metchie outside with Jaylen Waddle and Slade Bolden inside would be quite formidable, and this should be the year that Xavier Williams makes his jump as well.

Things are not going well in Tallahassee right now.

Tomahawk Nation has compiled some of the replies from Wilson’s teammates, and they seem to be standing together. Surely there has to be some explanation other than Mike Norvell lying to this reporter about this, in the current climate, right? Today is going to be interesting down there.

Texas WR Brennan Eagles says he isn’t going to play football because of racism.

Good for the young man for being principled, but I don’t know that killing the golden goose that is the NFL would be a net positive for black athletes. The money that many are able to amass both in salary and endorsements is enough to affect change, if the richest players are willing and able to organize.

UGA’s freshman 5-star RB, Kendall Milton, wasn’t pleased with some of the replies he got from Georgia fans when he spoke out about politics.

What a year.

Last, the NCAA gave eligibility back to a punter who went undrafted and had already signed with an agent.

Arizona State petitioned the NCAA for a waiver, citing Arizona State’s Pro Day being canceled due to the pandemic, and the inability of NFL teams to meet with players.

These were once-in-a-lifetime circumstances, which have yielded a first ever waiver of its kind from the NCAA. Given the organization’s seemingly punitive history, seeing this granted is a surprise.

I, too, am surprised that they granted this waiver, though I’m not sure that it signals a sea change. Turk’s argument was that he signed with an agent who would be tasked with getting him in front of scouts to sell his abilities, and only a hundred year pandemic kept that from happening. We will see what happens going forward, but it will be easy for the NCAA to claim this as extenuating circumstances if anyone tries to argue precedent.

That’s about it for now. Have a great day.

Roll Tide.