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Jumbo Package: Herbstreit and Meyer express optimism for season, Tide angling for yet another #1 recruiting class

Your latest Crimson Tide news and notes.

SEC Championship - Georgia v LSU Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Happy Monday, everyone. We’ll start with Marlon Humphrey, who is a pretty amusing Twitter follow.

Eh, give ‘em a break Marlon. Eight years is a long time.

In today’s installment of As the ‘Rona Rolls, Cecil sums things up well.

If the coronavirus data matters above all, three questions arise. First, will the data really change that much from current levels in a week or two?

Second, will a downward trend in the curve prompt another discontinuation of preventive measures that causes yet another spike? Third, how much money — i.e., games — are schools willing to trade in return for time, either a delayed start or increased open dates to increase schedule flexibility.

As we have said frequently, every step is merely a drop into a rabbit hole of speculation. The correct phrasing, though, is this. The major conferences will not make a “choice” not to play.

They will play unless they have no choice.

Oh, there will be a choice made one way or the other. Kirk Herbstreit is currently optimistic and hits the nail on the head.

“I think one of the biggest issues they could have going forward and trying to play — if the numbers keep going (that way) — is the overall optics. It’s just not a good look necessarily when every time you turn on TV you see the record-setting numbers and you go ‘oh, let’s go play college football.’ The optics aren’t good.”

The relatively small number of college athletes is not enough to move the needle one way or the other. If they don’t play it will be due to “optics” or better stated, because enough people publicly shame them into not playing. That’s the way of our world in 2020.

Urban Meyer is upbeat as well.

“I didn’t say every conference is going to play. I didn’t say every team is going to play,” Meyer said. “I said we’re going to play college football. I really believe that conferences, presidents, ADs, and the commissioner(s) are going to work together with the head coaches, and they’re going to work this thing out.

“I just have a lot of confidence in our scientists — the team doctors – I really do. I’ve talked to a few of my colleagues that I’m really close with and I really believe we’re going to get that done.”

Let’s hope.

In recruiting news, Ga’Quincy “Koolaid” McKinstry has narrowed his choices to Alabama, Auburn, and LSU.

When McKinstry comes to a decision, what will it be that pushes one program over the other two?

“Just wherever I go I want my mom to be able to know that she left me at a spot where she doesn’t have to worry about me,” he said. “Even if she hasn’t talked to me in three weeks she’ll know I left him with coach such and such or I left him at this University, so I know he’s good, I trust them. That’s like No. 1 on my list if my mom hasn’t heard from me in a while she’ll still know I’m ok because she left me with somebody she trusts.”

As 247sports also notes, Alabama’s class has moved into the #2 slot behind Ohio State, and landing the top spot is a possibility. In fact, Tunmise Adeleye may well be the difference as Alabama is making a concerted effort to flip him from the Buckeyes. Of course, both classes are going to be phenomenal no matter which finishes on top in the rankings.

That’s about it for today. Have a great week.

Roll Tide.