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Big Ten presidents say they have yet to vote on 2020 season, Harbaugh weighs in, Trump tweets #WeWantToPlay

Can this whole charade get any more bizarre?

President Trump Hosts College Football Champions The Alabama Crimson Tide At The White House Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

A few updates on the ongoing saga of the 2020 college football season:

First off, the Big Ten has apparently not made any decisions as of yet.

Ohio State and Penn State players have already spoken out in unity, wanting the season to go on. Jim Harbaugh has now weighed in, noting that Michigan’s team doctor sits on the conference medical advisory board.

There seems to be a chasm between the athletic departments of the blueblood Big Ten schools and the school administrations. This thing couldn’t get any crazier, right?

.... right?


Stay Tuned.