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Big Ten and Lap Dog Cancel all Fall Sports

Inept Commissioners punt on 4th and inches on the 35.

NCAA Football: Oregon at Stanford
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Fearing their own shadows, the Big Ten has canceled ALL fall sports through the end of the calendar year. This announcement included a thinly veiled promise to attempt to pick up the sports in the spring.

Following their daddy’s lead, the Pac-12 has mimicked this decision. These acts leaves several thousand healthy student-athletes heartbroken and bewildered. Thanks for speaking up, kids! Now back to your corner.

With a month and a half to go before a potential opening weekend, Barrett Sallee put it best.

Should the two conferences attempt to play in the spring, many teams will likely look like split squad teams with many players opting out. Some players may look to prepare for the NFL draft. For those who do play in spring - possibly through April, May or later - they would be expected to ramp it up again in August. Two to three months is not much time to recover from a college football season.

Not everyone is pleased with the leadership.

Kevin Warren is the rookie Big Ten commissioner who continues to make rash decisions without consulting anyone. The lack of communication in the B1G is astonishing.

Larry Scott is the bumbling embattled commissioner of the Pac-12. He must have a heck of a buyout to have not been fired at this point.

The speculation now turns to the SEC, BIG XII, and ACC. The doomsdayers giddily believe these conferences will follow suit, but Greg Sankey will do everything in his power to play football this year.

Meanwhile in Tuscaloosa...