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the worst crime that I ever did was play some rock & roll...

surrey with the fringe on top
by andre langlois

RTR my dear fellow rbr regulars and irregulars! our brother saxon has carried the random 10 torch nobly for quite a while, but it seems that he now has a life, whereas — as you know — i do not (two or three of you may have noticed my recent unofficial random 10s in the fanposts...yes, they still exist). therefore it is with ample humility yet tremendous enthusiasm for all things ROCK that i unleash today’s official random 10. who knows if they’ll let me do another? but for now, be excellent to each other, and PARTY ON, DUDES!

  1. (get a) grip [on yourself] by the stranglers (r.i.p. dave greenfield)
  2. the hustle by the pharcyde
  3. youth of the nation by p.o.d.
  4. sexy mexican maid by red hot chili peppers
  5. below the funk (pass the j) by rick james
  6. f*ck and run by liz phair
  7. the chain by fleetwood mac
  8. the ghost of tom joad by rage against the machine
  9. don’t stand so close to me by the police
  10. i know i got religion by the staple singers

bonus: feel good inc. by gorillaz

double bonus: unconditional love by donna summer (feat. musical youth)

feel good inc noodle gif