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Assistant HHS Secretary Giroir says college football can happen in the fall

Birmingham anchor Jamie Hale landed an exclusive with ADM Brett P. Giroir, MD on the possibility.

House Select Subcommittee On Coronavirus Crisis Holds Hearing On Urgent Need For A National Plan Photo by Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images

Add another voice to the debate on whether college football can or should be played in the fall, as ABC 33/40 anchor Jamie Hale managed to get an exclusive with the man known as the nation’s “testing czar, ” pediatrician and four-star Admiral Brett P. Giroir, MD. Hale also includes snippets of Mac Jones and Najee Harris from Friday’s Zoom conference with reporters, and even a little Alabama football footage.

The interview touches on a few bullets:

  • Why players are safer in the football environment
  • Protocols required to play
  • Whether there can be fans in the crowd
  • Whether he would personally be willing to attend a game

It’s a solid interview, and in the end Admiral Giroir is bullish about the idea of football happening this fall. See below for both halves of the two-part conversation.

As we love to say around here, hope for the best.

Roll Tide.