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Alabama Football Adds New Freshmen to the 2020 Roster

Plus some other roster updates

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Alabama Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

It’s like Christmas... In August!

After months and months of languishing with no real news to speak of concerning the Alabama Crimson Tide’s actual football team (no, Covid arguments don’t count), up and dropped a shiny new roster update to include all the summer enrollees with their jersey numbers and heights/weights.

The Freshmen

  • WR #5 Javon Baker 6’2” 195
  • DB #11 Kristian Story 6’1” 215
  • DB #13 Malachi Moore 6’0” 182
  • DB #14 Brian Branch 6’0” 190
  • RB #27 Kyle Edwards 6’0” 209
  • LB #34 Quandarrius Robinson 6’5” 220
  • DL #50 Tim Smith 6’4” 320
  • OL #57 Javion Cohen 6’4” 325
  • OL #74 Damieon George 6’6” 345
  • DL #93 Jah-Marien Latham 6’3” 285
  • DL #98 Jamil Burroughs 6’3” 326

And before you complain, the other half of Alabama’s freshman class enrolled back in the spring and have been on the roster since then. Here’s a refresher list in case you’ve forgotten.

For the most part, all of these guys came in pretty close to the height/weight they were listed at in high school. The exception being OL Javion Cohen. After his lithe 270 pounds were often cited as a weakness in his recruiting evaluations, Cohen made it a point to bulk up before coming to play in the SEC, and has gained nearly 50 pounds.

Also of note is that Kristian Story is listed as a defensive back. There was talk when he first signed that he wanted to stick to quarterback, and if he was still undecided, Alabama’s never shied away from listing someone as an “athlete” on the roster.

Tight end Caden Clark is not on the roster, as he is apparently taking a grayshirt in 2020. He’s still recovering from an ACL surgery and Alabama is bringing in grad transfer Carl Tucker at tight end, so the move makes sense for both parties involved.

Speaking of Tucker, he took jersey #86.

Here’s some other updates of note:

  • QB Bryce Young continues to muscle up under Ballou and Rhea. He’s gained 11 pounds since the spring, and is up to 194.
  • Mac Jones has also added 9 pounds, up to 214.
  • WR Traeshon Holden has gained 12 pounds since he enrolled in the spring, up to 208.
  • TE Michael Parker is up to 232— a massive gain from his slight 216 last season.
  • OL Tanner Bowls is up 13 pounds to 293.
  • OL Deonte Brown, is back up 350 after finally getting below 340 last season. After an entire career of trying to keep his weight down, Cornbread looks to have backslid a little going into his senior season.
  • C Landon Dickerson put on 17 pounds to bulk up to 325
  • OL Pierce Quick lost 11 pounds to 280. He’s now tied for the lightest scholarship OL on the roster, and the only one to lost weight since the last roster update.
  • OT Amari Kight added 16 pounds and is a much more sturdy 318 to go along with his 6’7” frame.
  • Senior DL LaBryan Ray has changed his jersey from #89 to #18
  • DL Justin Eboigbe dropped 9 pounds, down to 285.
  • DL Ishmael Sopsher has dropped 24 pounds to a svelte 310. This could be huge for a former 5-star recruit who reportedly struggled with conditioning at the college level as a freshman last year.
  • LB Christian Harris dropped 12 pounds to 232. He ostensibly is aiming to become a speedier player and specialize as the Will linebacker beside Dylan Moses.
  • CB Jalyn Armour-Davis is up 10 pounds to 192
  • CB Marcus Banks continues to add weight, and is up to 180.
  • Alabama also added a senior punter/holder as a walk-on grad transfer from Air Force named Charlie Scott. He just so happens to be the younger brother of a former Alabama punter named JK.