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WATCH: Nick Saban’s got jokes, y’all!

I mean, they could be worse?

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days
Get a load of deez...rings.
Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Saban — he of the sardonic public demeanor, hillperson aphorisms, and salty language — likes to cut loose with his team from time to time.

By his own admission, that’s more than likely to happen with the offensive players, since he is a defensive coach and you can’t very well cross the streams.

But, here’s Josh Jacobs on that sense of humor. And, seems to have peaked sometime around 1999.

This man is a national treasure. If you’re listening, Football Loki, please give us another dozen years. I will take the ‘rona for him if need be.

And, hey, at least they weren’t dad jokes?