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and then we break it down...

what’s wrong with the world today?

RTR ladies and germs! welcome to another week of just jotting down the first ten tunes that traipse through your favorite listening device. it’s time to ROCK! y’all know what to do, so... be excellent to each other...and PARTY ON, DUDES!

  1. think about it by flight of the conchords
  2. summertime by janis joplin
  3. dead by the pixies
  4. no time this time by the police
  5. lies by violent femmes
  6. good morning by the dandy warhols
  7. hip hop hooray by naughty by nature
  8. saturn by stevie wonder
  9. hootenanny by the replacements
  10. ready steady go by generation x

bonus: gimme all your lovin’ by zz top